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The difference between AutoOffice Version 1 and Version 2 is that Version 2 has the ability to detect a broken network connection when a VPN is used and the VPN goes down. This saves having to restart the licence manager service in order to reset the number of licences consumed. A few things to note:

  • This does not happen instantly and will take at least 15 minutes after the VPN goes down.
  • When a broken connection is detected the socket on the licence manager is closed and the licence consumed by that socket is released and is available for use by another connection.
  • The client takes longer and it will be at least 30 minutes for that connection to close. Of course, the user can manually close the connection.
  • The user must choose to reconnect the client with the licence manager after the VPN has been re-established.
  • You cannot mix the two versions. The version 2 licence manager must be used with the version 2 client. Likewise the version 1 licence manager must be used with the version 1 client.